Paul spent the first 14 years of his working career in Marketing, eventually becoming the head of marketing communications for a large Blue Chip Company in the UK. He then abandoned all the trappings of corporate life to pursue his dream of working on his passion, tropical marine environments. Firstly this pursuit led him to volunteer on a number of research projects across the pacific that fed his passion for the marine environments and also his second greatest passion, photography and videography. 

These few years of volunteering and self study culminated in a research voyage that changed his life forever. Surveying some of the remote locations around Truk and it's outer Islands Paul was persuaded, by some the worlds prominent marine scientists, to return to University and take a Master Degree in a marine related topic so that he could better understand the environments of his passion and contribute further through research of his own. 

So with a new direction and desire to further his knowledge Paul took a year out from the Pacific to return to the UK to complete his Master Degree in Coastal Management, with his Thesis on Mapping Marine habitats using satellite imagery and very detailed bathymetric data (depth). After receiving a distinction Paul returned to the Pacific to continue researching, photographing and filming and In 2012 became a product manager, with Richard Barnden, of Unique Dive Expeditions at Palau’s leading SCUBA Diving Operator Sam’s Tours. Paul saw this as a great way to combine all his passions and to earn a salary. 

Over the past few years Paul has continued his research on a number of varied topics but most recently spawning aggregations throughout Palau. In an effort to better understand the ecology of these spawning aggregations Paul took the plunge and invested in a Red camera so he could use the high frame rates to slow down the action. This has led to some remarkable insights into the spawning behaviour that has not been documented before. In addition to the ecology of these events, why they happen at these locations is one of Paul's big questions and to that end every time Richard and Paul visit these unique events they capture bathymetry data that allows Paul to 3D model the spawning locations with a view to comparing and contrasting these locations against other spawning locations through Palau and beyond.

Over the last few years I have been devoting more and more of my time to filming on location in Palau and beyond for many of the worlds top Natural History Production houses. All filming in Palau is undertaken through Sam’s Tours, one of Palau’s leading dive services operator. Sam’s is fully equipped to support rebreather divers, which has become almost standard operating equipment for documentary shoots as it allows us to stay longer and interact quieter and bubble free with the Oceans amazing characters. With over 3000 hours underwater on rebreathers to depths of 160M (I only take the camera to 137M !!!) I’m more then happy staying for many hours in the water in pursuit of some of natures most amazing underwater behaviour.

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